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shining_kara's Journal

Shining Melody / Shinra.

SHINee & KARA - the first community.
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Welcome to Shining Kara, the first community dedicated to any SHINee/KARA pairing.

SHINee - 샤이니

Members: Lee JinKi (Onew) - Kim Jonghyun - Kim Kibum (Key) - Choi Minho - Lee Taemin.
Date of Debut: 2008. 05. 25

KARA - 카라

Members: Park Gyuri - Han SeungYeon - Jung Nicole - Goo Hara - Kang Jiyoung.
Ex member: Kim SungHee.
Date of Debut: 2007.03.29 (4 members) - 08.07.24 (5 members)

Community made by thunggyu

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No bashing/flaming of any SHINee or KARA members/pairing or any member of the community. Peace. ✌ All rude comments will be deleted without further notice.
● All entries must concern both SHINee AND KARA.
Use the tags, it's easier for
everyone. List of tags here. If you're not sure which ones to use, mods are here, contact us. We don't bite. (:
● All media entries - especially with download links - MUST BE friends-locked. Leechers aren't welcome.
Use a LJ-cut for media/videos/long posts/large images. A preview is allowed.
Upload videos/pictures on your OWN server. Please.
Credit your source(s) when posting news and/or media content. Stealing is bad.
● Fanfics and graphics are allowed if they're only about SHINee & KARA. here for SHINee graphics/here for KARA graphics.
● Wanna advertise your own community? It is allowed but contact a mod first.
Any non-approved advertising will be deleted.